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As a small business owner it’s natural to put an immense amount of pressure on ourselves to succeed, to find ourselves battling with endless to-do lists and to spend our days trying to perfect the superwoman routine. As enticing as that primary-colour-body-suit-golden-headband might be, the real power is in finding a balance; being able to ride the wave, as well as well as being able to sit by the shore.

Recently, I was told to “set your intentions,” ordinarily, I would construct an ever-growing list of tasks and go, go, go, like my life depended on it. This time was different, I didn’t write a list of tasks; I ACTUALLY set some intentions. A promise to be kind to myself -- to work hard, but to give my brain the rest it needs. To overcome challenges, but to focus on the wins. To be generous with my time, but to be intentional about it. Sending so much love to our fellow entrepreneurs, and superwo(men).

Love, Misha xx

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