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Our Sustainability Approach

Our mission is to create pieces rooted in purposeful, ethical and intentional design, never at the expense of our planet or people, always with the sole intent of empowering. We believe in conscious consumption, respectful, professional relationships, sustainable design, manufacturing, and an up-front retail experience.

Slowly but Surely

We produce responsibly – we are a slow fashion-centric brand and only make what we think we can sell. We produce small runs, buying as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction.

All Year Round

We create intentionally - we are committed to fundamental values of conscious business and considered design. Our collections are made up of trans-seasonal styles designed to be worn year-round. From silhouettes to colour palettes, we strive to create quality pieces that stand the test of time; thus, decreasing our environmental impact.


We source responsibly – we say no to chemical processes, and carefully select the fabrics and processes used in each collection. We priotitise dead-stock fabrics, helping to reduce textile waste and diverting their journeys to landfills.

It’s a Package Deal

We package sensibly - we use recyclable, re-usable envelopes and packaging products. Our hang tags and flyers are 100% biodegradable, 100% chlorine free, and are made with 100% recycled fibre; FSC certified and produced with wind power.

It’s All About Ethics

We operate ethically – we work with local suppliers and manufacturers, reducing transportation emissions and our carbon footprint. 100% of our suppliers are fair-trade certified and are committed to a high degree of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility. Many of them are small, enabling us to really get to know those making our garments.

Who Runs the World, Girls

We are women, creating for women - we work with female artisans and women-owned companies, all possessing exceptional craftsmanship. Through offering female employment, we aim to further empower women professionally and economically.

The Company You Keep

We strive to work with like minded people, companies and stockists. Our goal is to give back through sustainability focused partnerships. We are proud to be stocked by Wolf & Badger, a certified B-Corp, whose business model was formulated to work harmoniously with the environment and local communities, rather than exploiting them.