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Our WORTH IT capsule collection -- something designed to be more than just pretty t-shirts and caps, something designed to be more than just pieces people compliment you on; they’re designed to remind you of one simple concept; that you ARE, and will ALWAYS be, “worth it.”

We live in a world that encourages comparison at every corner, whether it’s through a magazine, billboard, or on all these lovely little social platforms. A world designed to make us uneasy, to make us doubt ourselves and often to encourage that awful little internal self-confidence-battle.

The most cliché topic, but clichés must be clichés for a reason?! Love yourself, don’t question your journey, try not to compare lives AND likes; own your reality without apology. No one is you, that’s your superpower.

P.S. For those of you wearing our newest collection, search for the hidden love notes... and for our full WORTH IT campaign:

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